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Change Your Business

It's time for a change. An UV Curable printer can:

  • Cut labor costs by a staggering 75%
  • Lower printing costs by 65%
  • Increase your production capacity by 50%

The Legend 72HUV

screenshotBuilt to last, and backed with a 12-month written warranty, the Legend 72HUV from Digital Equipment Company gives you the flexibility, speed, color, and performance you can count on, job after job. With true hybrid printing capabilities, the Legend is the first heavy-duty, industrial-grade UV-curable printer available for under $90,000.

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The Legend 72 HUV is the most flexible wide format UV curable flatbed printer on the market. Built for heavy duty print shop use, the Legend 72 HUV is equipped for both flatbed and roll feed printing, making it perfect for sign and banner shops that need the ability to print on rigid media as well as cloth, paper and vinyl.
Lower Costs, Higher Capacity

Over the past five years, new printing technology is emerging that is radically changing how signs and banners are printed. Wide Format, UV Curable Ink Jet printers have rapidly improved in print quality, capacity and reliability to the point that maintaining a traditional shop with a wide format ink jet and vinyl cutter may not be economically viable.

“Printing a sign or banner in full color on an UV printer costs less than single color cut vinyl.”
-- Garry Jones, owner Lloyds of Indiana

UV curable printers save sign print shops money by reducing the number of man hours of labor while lowering ink and substrate costs. The result is remarkable: full color signs, produced faster with less labor.

Case Study - Lloyds of Indiana

Lloyds of Indiana is a sign printing, and print finishing shop located in Indianapolis, Indiana. When Lloyds of Indiana went looking for a wide format flatbed UV printer, they had a simple set of criteria:

Case Study
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